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Boiled Peanuts Now, that's what I like about the South

While traveling through the south, when I see a sign for boiled peanuts, usually at a road side farm stand, I get a memory flash back of sitting in the back seat of my parent’s Rambler station wagon with a brown lunch bag of juicy, wet, salty goodness!

That was Florida, a long time ago. These boiled peanuts were purchased roadside, at what usually seemed like an empty corner lot, where the seller built a fire, started boiling green peanuts and setup shop. These days with all of the food safety rules, boiled peanuts are seen at more legit type of farm stands. So much for my rural childhood boiled peanut romance.

These makeshift roadside takeout joints were often also smoking mullet, a southern fish wrapped in foil. That’s another food story I’ll need to get to in the future.

Recently we were in South Carolina and as I do when in other parts of the country, seeking out local regional food items to bring back to Boston. I got my Dukes mayonnaise, bags of Carolina stone ground grits and I also added several pounds of green raw in the shell peanuts. They just don’t sell them in markets in my part of the country. I’m driving back to Boston with a plan to boil peanuts.

It’s very simple, water, salt, raw peanuts in the shell-bring to a boil, let them cook a couple of hours, I usually go longer, I like then cooked until the shells are soft. Sometimes you’ll even be able to eat some of the shells.


What a treat. That’s one of things I miss about the south.

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