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Roslindale Food Tour

Hurricane Earl did not dampen the Saturday Roslindale Food Tour

It was great and everyone enjoyed a 3-hour tour through Roslindale Village’s Farmer’s Market and many ethnic and gourmet shops. For those unfamiliar with the area, Roslindale Square has become a mini food-lover’s destination, with butcher shops, bakeries, ethnic and specialty markets not to mention restaurants (some transplanted from Boston’s South End). This is all within a very easy walk.

The hurricane-that-wasn’t left behind a beautiful, clear day to explore the farmer’s market and 10 local food stores. We talked with farmers, bakers, butchers and other shop owners. The tour participants saw items they have never seen, let alone cooked and served to their families. That’s where I came in as tour guide, explaining what “it” is, how to cook it, eat it or use it. We came across everything from cactus fruit, locally-grown crazy looking heirloom tomatoes, purslane, taro root, fresh rabbit, quail, zaatar seasoning, dried corn husks for tamales, to name just a few. You can read much more about the tour on Margie Kelley’s A Teachable Feast blog.


As someone who grew up eating a multiethnic variety of foods – and cooks that today for my clients, friends and family, I’m excited to share this knowledge. Margie Kelley is leading an effort to educate people about local, healthy eating – especially for those who did not grow up with a variety of foods.

I also offer the Roslindale Food Tour for other groups. If you have a group of moms, cooks, foodies or friends who would enjoy a delicious, fun and educational tour of gourmet Roslindale Square, send me an email. A monthly schedule of the tour is also planned beginning later this fall.



Farmer's Market Tour

This Saturday, September 4th, I'll be leading a tour of the Roslindale Farmer's market and other gourmet and ethnic food markets and bakeries in Roslindale Village. I live in Roslindale, where we have one of the most successful farmer’s markets in the city of Boston. The market is held just steps away from a wide variety of other small food shops, bakeries and restaurants. It will be a lot of fun sharing my neighborhood’s hidden food treasures, talking with farmers and store owners about their products, food buying and cooking tips. If there’s interest I’ll be doing this again.
Margie Kelly arranged the tour guest. Check out her blog 


Quotes from The Boston Globe " Roslindale Village is a food lover's paradise, with ethnic markets, inviting restaurants and a belt straining six bakeries" and "Roslindale:Top spot to live for foodies".