The whole experience was just wonderful.  I still get all excited thinking about the fridge full of food at home.

Heck, even the kids loved it.

West Roxbury,  Ma.


I told Lester that I liked lowfat meals.  I was a little skeptical that he could make lowfat taste really good. But he nailed it. 

I was especially impressed with the vegetables and vegetarian dishes--they were out of this world. Try his eggplant parmesan, for example, or his kale with dried cranberries. 

Versatility is Lester's strength; tell him what you want, and he'll make it.  Plus, if you're going to let anyone take over in your kitchen for few hours, you'll want it to be Lester:  He's delightful, but quiet and unobstrusive, and he leaves everything immacculate.  

Tad R., 
Boston, Ma.


The food was magnificent. The timing of apps and main dishes brought out from the kitchen to the back yard was perfect. 

He brought everything he needed into the kitchen early on, set up and went to work. A cheese plate with marinated olives was first out. Homemade hummus, delicious. Small lamb meatballs served with homemade yogurt dip so nicely spiced they were a treat for the tongue. Huge shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled, outrageous. BBQ chicken wings with a slightly sweet glaze....really good stuff.

Now I'm kind of a foodie, as they say; and I know smoked meats. Lester's smoked baby back ribs served on a bed of collards were unparalleled.  I'm telling you the big three local BBQ joints in and around Boston don't compare. Really. His BBQ sauce is homemade and I pray he bottles it. 

He made it seem effortless and after he cleaned up the kitchen and patio you would have sworn no one had been there that night, let alone cooked in the kitchen.

Do yourself a favor.......call this man next time you're entertaining and you actually want to spend time with your guests.   

Oh man, I almost forgot about the vegetarian pressed panini sandwiches and the little crab cakes with chipotle aioli.

MB, Yelp Review
Roslindale Ma. 


Thanks so much for the delicious food at the L.P. picnic.It was great to work with you from start to finish: Your Menu ideas, presentation, delivery and taste were excellent.

Boston Ma. 





Fresh Service

Imagine coming home after a long day, and opening your refrigerator to find a week’s worth of meals to choose from. Just heat and serve. Your food can be as comforting or as gourmet as you want.  This service can be weekly or bi-weekly. Just a few dishes or a whole week of entrees, sides and salads.  Customized meals the way you want them.


Cocktail Party Time

You can finally enjoy the party, while I set up the cold platters and bring out a series of fresh-from-the kitchen hot hors d’ouerve.



Family Style Buffets

Whatever the gathering, you deserve a stress free day with family and friends. The buffet can include any dishes you wish, including family and child friendly favorites.


Cookouts and BBQ’s

Whether you want burgers and steaks on the grill with side dishes or a full Southern style slow cooked BBQ ribs, home made sauce with mouth watering  southern sides, the vittles at this back yard party will not disappoint you.  I grew up in the South and I know my way around traditional BBQ. 


The Game’s On

You’ll score a touch down with the gang when they taste these home run dishes. Game day bar style foods are some of my favorite things to prepare: Texas Chili, wings, warm pressed Cuban sandwiches, gourmet nachos and dips and more.


 Paella Parties

Traditional outdoor-prepared Paella. Chef's choice is Mixed Seafood, Chicken, Chorizo and authentic Bomba saffron rice. Or I can customize for you and your guests' taste, including Vegetarian Paella. This makes a fantastic party or a summer dinner on the patio with friends. Start your party with a selection of Spanish cheeses, a homemade gazpacho soup or a selection of delicious Spanish hams. Tapas also available.


Dinner in a Flash Prep Service

If you love to cook but have no time for the shopping and chopping, my prep service can be your mealtime helper. I take care of the slicing, dicing, measuring, marinating, shopping and more. You’ll have dinner on the table in a flash when the prep work is ready and waiting.  Menu planning also available.


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Cooking Instructions including children, teenagers and young adult classes

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Intimate Dinners

Paella Parties , traditionally outdoor prepared for up to 100 guest

Gourmet customized gift baskets, for the food lover in your life

  Lester Teaches BBQ.  A daylong learning adventure featuring Lester's almost famous Ribs and Southern sides. Ending with a gourmet BBQ feast.


*I give a personalized service catering to your specific needs. Listed prices are flexible and depends on the complication of items being prepared, shopping and travel time. For weekly service, a one time storage container fee may also apply.